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What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the “address” of a website on the Internet; for example, one of the most recognised search engines, Google, uses the domain name and their website can be found at

Why Do I Need A Domain Name?

You don’t need your own domain name, in fact many Internet Service Providers allow you to host your website under their own domain name if you do not already have one. However, you usually end up with a website address like and an email address like To your customers, it can seem unprofessional, and is the equivalent of driving a van with someone else’s details on!

A domain name builds credibility in the eyes of potential customers, and can increase the visibility of your website on the Internet. Having a domain name such as with an email address of gives your business a more professional and personal touch and will be memorable to your customers. And with most domain names under $25 a year, it is a cheap and effective way to make your business stand out.

Which Domain Name Is Right For Me?

There are many different types of domain names to choose from. By far the most common is a domain name ending in .com, these domain names are the most popular on the Internet and are easily recognised and recalled by customers.

Australian registered businesses or companies have the option of registering a domain name. These are recognised by customers as belonging to an Australian business, and can be useful to identify yourself to customers who may be more comfortable knowing they are dealing with an Australian business.

There are many other domain names available, such as and, some of which have certain restrictions, for example, the domain name can only be used by an Australian charity or organisation, and is recognised as such by the Australian public.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?

Many companies offer domain names, often at a wide range of prices. It is not unusual to see some companies charging $25 per year, and others charging $70 or more per year, for essentially the same domain name, so it pays to shop around. At Cira Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering domain names at very competitive prices; the following are a list of our most popular domain names;

.com & .net $19.95 / year & $44.95 / 2 years (equivalent to $22.48 / year)

$13.75 / 2 years (equivalent to $6.88 / year)

All our domain names prices.

Website Services Hosting Domain Names Online Marketing Software Development Customer Service